EMERGENCY MOBILE REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZER HIRE If your cold storage is breaking down and you don’t know where to turn, stay cool!  Here at Chillability we operate an emergency fridge and freezer trailer hire service which can pull you out of the fire… Emergency 24hr Fridge Trailer Hire If there’s one thing that’s more frustrating than equipment…


EVENT COLDSTORE HIRE A new year is here and before you know it the summer months will roll around bringing with them the thrilling outdoor activities which have become fixtures of the British summer months.  More of us than ever before are attending these outdoor gatherings, from music festivals to farm shows, which delight and…

2 x freezer trailers on there way back from a prison for a refit

Two freezer trailers off to a fast food chain for an emergency breakdown

One of our coach built refrigerated trailers on hire to a racecourse for the weekends activities

Surprising how much ICE can fit into one of our little mobile freezer trailers

3 x Refrigerated trailers covering a late night breakdown